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Superbee Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 3) 可重複使用購物袋 (三件裝)

Superbee Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 3) 可重複使用購物袋 (三件裝)


Zero waste - bags

You surely won’t bring a plastic bag when you do grocery shopping, would you ? Then, our reusable produce bags, made by Khun Gung with Superbee, are perfect for you. Our fabric is GOTS certified, which means organic cotton, respect of labour rights among other positive actions. Superbee is a responsible initiative which cares about the working condition of its team and its well being. 

Bring your reusable produce bags when you do grocery and help the earth to save millions of plastic bags in the landfill. These plastic bags are unnecessary for your daily life and it is just a wasteful of raw materials. 

Handmade from:

100% Organic GOTS Certified Cotton

Size - set of 3 :

1 x 20 cm x 20 cm

1 x 30 cm x 30 cm

1 x 50 cm x 50 cm

For the color or pattern choices, it changes all the time based on availability. If you would like to know what pattern is available currently, please contact us and we will send you the picture. Otherwise, we will send out the pattern randomly.

Superbee 可重複使用購物袋

你一定不會用膠袋去購買食材,不是嗎 ? 由Khun Gung和Superbee合力製造的可重複使用購物袋,便非常適合您。該布料榮獲GOTS認證,這意味著布料是有機純棉和尊重勞工權利以及採取其他積極行動。Superbee抱著負責任的主動精神,關心其團隊的工作狀況及其福祉。他們非常關心工人的工作狀況以及他們的待遇。買餸時帶上自己的可重複使用購物袋,並幫助地球節省數百萬個膠袋。這些膠袋對於您的日常生活是不必要的,只是在浪費珍貴的原材料。




1 x 20厘米x 20厘米

1 x 30厘米x 30厘米

1 x 50厘米x 50厘米



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