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The Chief Project - Reusable Cotton Facial Pad (8 per pack)

The Chief Project - Reusable Cotton Facial Pad (8 per pack)


Zerowaste - body care

The Chief Project's mission is simple: to create a Hong Kong with zero waste. While understanding that sending zero waste to the city's landfills is almost impossible, The Chief Project nonetheless endeavours to tackle the second-largest waste category in Hong Kong: tissue paper, which accounts for 7% of daily waste, or 665 tonnes every day, closely following food waste.

Their solution? Bringing back the good old handkerchiefs, and not just any handkerchiefs, but 100% cotton and biodegradable handkerchiefs that are upcycled from perfectly wearable, quality fabric discarded by high-end designer brands, and handmade in Hong Kong with expert seamstresses. 

「The Chief Project」的任務很簡單,就是要令香港成為零廢城市。雖然現實中零廢是不可能的,但The Chief Project堅決著手解決香港第二大廢物源頭:佔每天廢物總量7%,共重665噸的紙巾!

解決方法,是看似平凡的手巾。The Chief Project的手巾不平凡之處,是全都用被高級時裝製衣廠丟棄的優質棉布,由本地女裁縫手造。

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